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The Beginning of New Era Group

New Era Tool & Die, New Era Group’s original company was founded in 1963 by Mario Tersigni with the objective of serving local metal forming businesses. Over the years, having expanded to accommodate unique customer requirements, New Era Tool & Die’s business transitioned into offering custom machining services to a wide variety of industries.

Mario's Entreprenurial Spirit

Mario's Entreprenurial Spirit

As Mario’s entrepreneurial spirit grew, so did his appetite for risk, leading to Mario’s first acquisition, the acquisition of Corsteel Hydraulics in 1991. The New Era Group was formed with an invigorated desire to grow and expand.

Eventually, Mario’s two sons joined the group, further advancing the company and strengthening its position as the leading operator of metalworking businesses in Canada.

Semi-truck with load

The Future of New Era Group

As the group continues to evolve and take shape, we continue to place emphasis on the values of honesty, integrity and quality workmanship put in place by our founder. Today, the group is joined by third generation family members and remains dedicated to continued reinvestment, support of its portfolio businesses and advancing North American manufacturing.


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